Jan Bubeníček

Data analyst & Web developer

Analytical projects

Self-employed data analyst, currently collaborating with Addvery.

“Data is everywhere. What matters is whether you see them and how you use them.”

Billa CZ / 2022 – 2024
  • Loyalty Program Relaunch
    • In early 2024, orchestrated a comprehensive relaunch of the loyalty program, preceded by meticulous pilot campaigns aimed at identifying optimal mechanics. Through rigorous testing and strategic planning, revamped the program from the ground up, devising new mechanics, ensuring IT feasibility, and crafting effective communication strategies. Additionally, successfully managed the transition from the previous loyalty system.
  • CRM Team Support
    • Collaborated closely with the internal CRM team over 2 years, enhancing campaign effectiveness, integrating cutting-edge CVM tools, and facilitating knowledge transfer amid personnel transitions.
REWE Group / 2021 – 2024
  • Customer Clustering
    • Introduced country-specific clusters based on customers’ shopping history, analysing basket composition against the company’s average and attributing customers to the closest cluster.
  • Probability to Buy Model
    • Developed a model advising the CRM team on product categories to promote for X-selling or Up-selling based on customer behaviour.
  • Next Purchase Predictive Model
    • Presented a model predicting when each customer will visit the store again based on historical data, utilizing neural network algorithms for accurate forecasting.
  • Reporting implementation
    • Introduced a set of Power BI reports to monitor customer segmentation, visualize KPIs, and evaluate CRM campaigns, including automatically generated control groups for long-term effect measurement.
  • Process Analysis
    • Conducted country-by-country analysis of CRM department operations, identifying areas for improvement, sharing best practices across the group, and establishing KPIs for performance monitoring.
  • Customer Segmentation
    • Analysed shopping data of 5+ million customers across Central and Eastern Europe to propose segmentation strategies based on basket value, visit frequency, lifecycle context, and more. Created a detailed manual for customer communication and linked main KPIs to customer segment movements.
Home Credit Philippines / 2023
  • Lead Management Analysis
    • Analysed data from various sources to define crucial moments in the customer journey and designed a lead funnel for tracking campaign efficiency.
Billa CZ & Billa SK / 2022
  • Interim CRM Campaign Analyst
    • Boosted campaign frequency and quality over 3-month periods in each country, establishing best practices, defining a weekly cycle system, and proposing new software solutions.
Vodafone / 2022
  • Initial Health Check of CRM
    • Conducted an in-depth analysis of the CRM department’s activities, tools, and personnel, identifying short and long-term improvement strategies.
Kiwi / 2021
  • Customer Value Management
    • Analysed customer behaviour to identify personas and propose tailored campaign schemes, successfully piloting selected strategies.

Web projects

As an web developer I am currently working with wwworks.

“Web presentation is essential, yet it can be simple.”

Nadeje.cz / 2018 – 2024

  • Web bug fixing
  • Ad hoc functionalities implementation

Marina21.com / 2022

  • Built a wordpress website based on graphical design
  • Implementation of real time weather forecast
  • Create multiple separated presentation sites on one domain

BoxNow.gr / 2021 – 2022

  • Built first company wordpress website
  • Implementation with custom google map (additional items inputed)
  • Additional hidden sites for delivery purposes

Mezinarodni-potreby.cz / 2019 – 2020

  • Website for foundation that supports kids in poor countries
  • Complicated website structure moved from old website
  • Integrated possibility to choose support for certain kid

KMSPraha.cz / 2018 – 2019

  • Created book eshop
  • Covered specific needs of zivotviry.cz (pre-paid monthly magazine)

Kurzynadeje.cz / 2017 – 2018

  • Built a Yii website from scratch
  • Reservation forms, repetared fields

Many more presentation websites / 2017 – 2024

  • festivalproces.cz / 2023 – 2024
  • stkuh.cz / 2022
  • tavos.nl / 2021
  • creatoola.cz / 2021
  • hrg.cz / 2017 – 2024
  • westcargo.cz / 2021
  • litomysl.cz / 2020
  • generace89.cz / 2018 – 2021
  • tkaniny-svitap.cz / 2017
  • and more…

Get to know me

If you want to contact me, try email or LinkedIn.

“Life is ment to be lived.”

Problem solver

  • I enjoy looking at problems in a new ways and solving them
  • I can systematically help you reach your goals effectively

Experienced analyst

  • Working with Addvery for multiple international clients boosted my practical experience
  • I gained mathematical background during the study of statistics at faculty of science at Masaryk university

Experienced web developer

  • Last few years I am working with wwworks on multiple web projects
  • I build multiple small projects presentational websites as E2E solution

Sustainable futurist

  • I like to contamplace about stuff like finantial independence, future of the world, health of planet…
  • I am aware of our responsibility to the future

Travel enthusiast, nature admirer

  • I enjoy traveling, not necessarily to distant places, but to explore new horizons
  • Nature is another thing I like and am amazed by. It is perfectly complementary to traveling